Ben Khan

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There’s not a great deal of information about Ben Khan available online at the moment, but I’m sure that will change in time. You can’t headline Wembley Arena if no-one knows who you are (although you could probably sell out the Lexington).

There are three songs on his soundcloud and they have a pretty similar sound to those early Jamie Woon tunes which in my humble opinion were fucking great. Authentic, soulful and other words like that. Listen below:

Ben Khan – Fear

Ben Khan – Writer

Ben Khan – These Walls

Maker (Cave Painting remix)

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Maker are a new band from Brighton who have popped up on a few UK blogs in recent weeks, and they’re a band with real promise. It’s difficult to pull off this brand of guitar pop without sounding cheesy, but they do it really well.

The most recent instalment is the Cave Painting remix of their song ‘Missing’. Cave Painting have taken an already very strong original, stripped it back, gone all xx on it and then stuck some wicked percussion over the second half. It’s brilliant and you can download it below:


Maker – Missing (Cave Painting remix)

And the original:

Maker – Missing

Their first London show is at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town tonight.

Eliot Grace

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Eliot Grace are a Swedish pop collective. One of them, Andreas, has previously worked with Jonna Lee of iamamiwhoami fame.

A few tunes went online recently and they sound great. Not a million miles from the sound of Ms Mr, sink your teeth into these:

Eliot Grace – Rebecka

Eliot Grace – Oh No [download from soundcloud]

Eliot Grace – I Will Never Leave Your Heart Alone [download from soundcloud]